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Quality, handcrafted Native American style flutes

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How to hear the flutes

To listen to any flute, select a flute and you will see icons below the main product image. Select this icon and you will hear the selected flute.

If you are on mobile, select the far right gray dot under the product image.
These are video files of the flute being played while simultaneously being able to see the accuracy of the tuning on the tuning meter.

First Flute Player Note

If you are purchasing your first flute, I highly recommend purchasing an Am or Gm. All flutes have the same basic fingering patterns. The Am and Gm are recommended because they are a comfortable size for most people. If you are a first-time flute player it is easier to become successful with a flute that fits you physically.

You may want to check out the notes at the bottom of this page.

Table of flute ranges - There are many different nomenclatures specifying flute keys. Below explains how I specify flute keys and ranges.

Baritone = Low Toned =E 3rd octave to B 3rd octave Note: Flutes lower than E3 exist they are huge and extremely difficult to play because of hole spacing and size.

Tennor = Medium Toned = C 4th octave to B 4th octave

Alto = High Toned = C 5th octave to B 5th octave

Soprano = Very High Toned = C 6th octave to B 6th octave - Not many exist. I would classify those that do as whistles due to there very small size.

These classifications come from Clint Goss's Flutopedia site. Go to  for a complete listing along with audio samples of flutes by key. If you are

Note about nomenclature - Since most flutes are in a minor key, the reference to minor is usually dropped by flute enthusiasts. i.e. Typically an F sharp minor flute would be designated by "F#".

​Return Policy - I have a 30 day no questions asked return policy, providing the return item is not damaged. If you are returning a flute as an exchange for another flute, please do not order a different flute before contacting me (816)217-9896 or by email, so we can work out the shipping and credit details.

Repair & tune policy - If you flute becomes damaged or cracks I will repair it at no charge. The policy is you pay the shipping to me and I will pay shipping to return it to you.

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