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If you are purchasing your first flute, I highly recommend purchasing an Am, Gm, or possibly an F#m. All flutes will play the same, however the higher flutes are easier to play when it comes to fingering and breath control.

You may want to check out the notes at the bottom of this page.

Note about nomenclature - Since most flutes are in a minor key, the reference to minor is usually dropped by flute enthusiasts. i.e. Typically an F sharp flute would be designated by "F#". I have cataloged my products "Fsm4". I avoid using the # symbol because this causes problems with some computer systems. The "4" means it is a 4th octave flute.

About Octave's - Middle  C is a reference point. This marks the beginning of the 4th octave. A 3rd octave flute would be a bass flute, and are typically quite large. A 5th octave flute is small very high flute.  Sometimes I call 5th octave flutes high toned, 4th octave flutes mid-toned, and 3rd octave flutes low toned flutes.

Sharps and flats - Designating sharps and flats can be a bit confusing for someone new to music. If a flute is designated "Fsm4" this means "F sharp minor in the 4th octave".  If a flute is designated "Efm4" this means "E flat minor in the 4th octave"

Return Policy - I have a 30 day no questions asked return policy, providing the return item is not damaged. If you are returning a flute as an exchange for another flute, please do not order a different flute before contacting me (816)230-5718 or by email, so we can work out the shipping and credit details.

Repair & tune policy - If you flute becomes damaged or cracks I will repair it at no charge. The policy is you pay the shipping to me and I will pay shipping to return it to you.

In Accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act

SevenWinds Flutes (though similar in style) are not Native American Flutes. SevenWinds Flutes are created as North American wooden flutes, and highly influenced by a great respect for the traditional Native way taught by my Native American brothers in whose teachings I am honored to receive; and blessed by Creator to offer the wonderful gift of the flute to all. Only truth can reveal honor and respect.

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