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Ambrosia Maple Native American style flute Key of Am

Ambrosia Maple Native American style flute Key of Am

SKU: A240116-2

This Native American style flute is the perfect choice for new players. Its smaller size makes it easier to reach and more forgiving in breath control, allowing you to quickly become comfortable with playing. Once you've mastered the Key of A, the transition to larger flutes will be much easier.


This flute is an exquisite instrument, crafted from ambrosia maple. It has a beautiful voice and plenty of volume. A unique feature of this flute is the spiral engraved bore which makes it a one of a kind instrument. The non-toxic finish is polished to a high gloss with the technique of French polish for a beautiful shine. This flute will be the perfect addition to any musician's collection.


Length - 19.25"
Bore Dia. - 0.75"
Length/Bore ratio - 17.2

Decorative flute sock is included.
Ships insured USPS Priority mail.




    Native American flutes

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