Gaia Flutes -Connecting with the consciousness of the Earth.

Gaia flutes are being developed for the purpose of reconnecting us to the essence of the planet. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. I chose Gaia because the Greeks are closer in my ancestry than Native Americans who would also refer to the Earth as Mother Earth. In my opinion, the planet is a living entity filled with all that is necessary, physically and spiritually, to give us life that surpasses all understanding.

Each Gaia flute is unique, often inspired through intuition and synchronicity. Sometimes the materials used just come to me and other times they come because a person requested specific energy.

A unique aspect of the Gaia flute is with a simple change in the bird and it will be tuned with A=432 hz or A=440 hz depending upon the designated use of the player. Thus, you no longer have the need for two flutes, one for playing with others and backtracks and another for the spiritual purpose of connecting to the Earth's essence.

My experience is all flutes have the potential to connect us spiritually, however, a flute tuned with A=432 is my personal preference. When the bird or totem is facing the player the essence of that totem is being offered to the player and when it is facing away from the player its essence is being sent to those outside of the player.