Backing Tracks - Sometimes playing the flute to a backtrack is not only fun, it helps build the rhythm. Tom Bailey has some of the best tracks on the internet. Check out this youtube playlist for the Native American Flute

His youtube tracks have an audio watermark, it is barely noticeable.  You can purchase his backtracks (without the watermark) here:  ►Amazon: ► Itunes:

Note about backing tracks - There are hundreds of backing tracks on youtube. Many of them will state the key they are composed in and if it is a major key, you may think you will not be able to play it on your flute. Every major key has a relative minor key. This circle of fifths will show you which flute to use. For example: You find a good track written in the key of C, move to the center of the circle and you will see the minor key of  A. So you would play the Am flute to the Cmaj backtrack.

Learn to Play - The fastest and most fun way to learn to play the flute is to join a flute circle. The World Flute Society has the most comprehensive list of flute circles, and makers I have ever encountered.

In Accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act

SevenWinds Flutes (though similar in style) are not Native American Flutes. SevenWinds Flutes are created as North American wooden flutes, and highly influenced by a great respect for the traditional Native way taught by my Native American brothers in whose teachings I am honored to receive; and blessed by Creator to offer the wonderful gift of the flute to all. Only truth can reveal honor and respect.

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