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Native American style flutes - Key Am

First Flute Player Note

The A minor flute is the most popular flute for an entry level flute player. If you really like a lower toned flute the G minor flute would be my second choice. All flutes have the same basic fingering patterns. The Am and Gm are recommended because they are a comfortable size for most people. If you are a first-time flute player it is easier to become successful with a flute that fits you physically. Also the A flute is typically not as temperamental when it comes to breath control.

Another reason an A minor flute is a must have in your flute collection is a great deal of backtrack music is available in the key of C major. A minor is the relative key to C major so it can be used to play with backtracks composed in C major.

If you think you would like some professional instruction, contact Ami Sarasvati. You can find additional information about her on the flute instructor page.

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