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F# Cedar NAF flute

F# Cedar NAF flute

SKU: F#231612-1

Introducing our handcrafted Cedar Native American style flute in the key of F#, perfect for the novice or professional looking to expand their collection. This flute exudes a simple yet elegant style that produces a soft, clear, and meditative voice, perfect for creating tranquil and peaceful music. The aromatic cedar wood not only adds a beautiful, natural aesthetic but also enhances the overall sound quality. With a non-toxic, high gloss finish, this flute is not only stunning to look at but also built to last.


Length - 21.75:
Bore Dia. - 0.875"
Length/Bore ratio - 17.6

Decorative flute sock is included.
Ships insured USPS Priority mail.




    Native American flutes

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