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Native American Flute - Resource Links

The links and pages listed here are ones that I have used and found very helpful in learning more about Native American style flute.

Clint Goss - He is more than a wonderful flute player, he is probably one of the best flute educators in the country. It appears as if he has dedicated his life to promoting, educating, and assisting individuals and groups to build their flute repertoire. The list below are links to his on-line materials and regardless of your playing skill, I am certain you will find them helpful.

  • This is an encyclopedia of flute related information. It covers everything one would want to learn about the flute.

  • Native Flute Handbook - Sign up for Clint's book and you will receive a free download link to get this fabulous handbook. It is over 400 pages of flute information for students and flute circle facilitators. I am not partial to reading books on the computer, so I went to the office supply store and had them print a hard copy of the pdf file. It is a great reference resource book for the serious flute enthusiast.

  • Flute Casts - Clint has a wonderful selection of videos on youtube that are professionally produced and very informative. Organization on youtube can be a bit cluttered, so he has the site which presents them in a far more orderly fashion. Sign up and you will receive a notification each month when the next cast is posted. You can't beat free.

  • Clint and Vera's Newsletter - Clint and Vera produce a monthly newsletter sent out to subscribers that present the flute casts, events, and all kinds of other flute information.

Jonny Lipford - A professional flute player with a warm friendly exuberant personality. He has posted a number of videos on youtube. Jonny is more than a great performer, like Clint he loves to assist others in enhancing their flute skills. He offers a number of things which can help you in playing the flute and if you are looking for gifts for family and friends he has some great CDs for sale.

Looking for flute circles, events, instructors, and flute makers - all of this and more can be found at the World Flute Society If you sign up as a member ($35 per year) you will receive a quarterly publication called Overtones which is extremely informative. It is available online or on paper. Access to the archive enables you to tap into years of flute information.

Flute Music - Sometimes you might want to learn some songs, yet may not have the music reading skills. No problem! Go to Flute Tree online and you will find some common songs in their songbooks with the flute fingerings along with the music scores. Also, you will find playing tips and quite it of other information.

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