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Dennis - Oklahoma Nov. 2019

Wow! I don’t know any other way to begin this.
It is very rare that I would take a flute I just received that day to a public performance. Usually it takes some time for the flute to tell me what it is asking of me.. After just a few minutes out of the box with this G# 432 flute I changed my mind and took to to my gig 3 hours after it arrived. Since my performance was 90 minutes of background music I was able to go to it several. It responded wonderfully to all my little “tricks” and even does some things I didn’t expect. The responsiveness is excellent. Tone is wonderful. The spiritual nature of the instrument and the maker shine through. The dynamic range is awesome as it holds tone from “ a whisper to a shout”.  Though my flute count is in the upper 20s, I have about 3 that I turn to for especially solemn or spiritual occasions; or if I am especially in need spiritually. This flute has now joined that number. Thank you so much for this gift.
Beauty, Balance and Blessings.

Philippe M – France

Hi Michael

The flute was just delivered today, I guess breaking a record for transatlantic packages :-).


I am just in the process of discovering its voice. Very nice indeed. Extremely powerful voice, and the wood density gives a strong resonance. The tuning seems spot on and the notes are very clear. A very nice add-up to my collection, so thanks so much for making this flute and sending it to me.


It may not be my last flute from you, and I will keep looking for new ones on your website in upcoming months


Wishing you the best for the New Year 2019


Dear Michael:

 When I first saw and held your flutes, I knew you were more than a flute maker. You are a passionate artist. Beauty rests in all your works along with excellence. You have brought much joy to many. Also, as President of Flutemaker Ministries, there have not been many flute makers who have donated their work to help children with disabilities but you have, time and time again. A deep thank you for encouraging me with your gracious and kind heart. Thanks also for your time and expertise and more than fair prices and how you have treated and helped me on my own Native Style projects. A joy to let you know some play songs on flutes but you sir, are a great song being played from the life you live.

Sincerely Erik the Flutemaker Jan. 7th, 2019 in Davie, Florida.



Michael of SevenWinds Flutes has always made high-quality flutes, well tuned and easy to play.

I came across him when he was starting out and have witnessed his journey in becoming a 

craftsman at his art.  He brings an engineers eye to the building and construction of his flutes, but 

he's also knowledgeable about the history and spiritual qualities of the instruments.  He is also 

keeping his prices reasonable, so if you want or need a quality flute you won't go wrong with one 

of his flutes.     Jim Tzu Cook

Note from Michael - Jim Cook is one of the most prolific youtube flute players, with over 1,000 recordings. I put on his music when working in the shop. SUBSCRIBE to him:





From Jeff -  Trying to evaluate the sound quality and playability of any musical instrument, let alone a North American style wooden flute, is such a subjective endeavor as to be almost impossible to put into words. In my opinion, the only way to properly evaluate a flute is to actually have it right in front of you, hold it in your hands and breathe into it. But let’s face it, for the majority of us the first contact with a flutemaker is made on a website where you are able see pictures of the flute, but you can’t truly experience it. So we have to trust that the flutemaker has crafted the instrument into something which will be pleasing to all of our senses should we decide to go ahead and purchase it. Based on two SevenWinds flutes which I now have in my care, in my opinion, Michael has achieved that goal.


His flutes respond well and to me the sound quality and overall “playability” are both excellent (again, in my opinion). I am able to put the flutes through a dynamic range of articulation with no issues. After extended playing I have yet to have either flute “water out”. Visually, the flutes are beautifully crafted with the overall “fit and finish” being pleasing to both the eye and to the touch.


It’s never a bad idea to contact the flutemaker before you buy if you have any questions and Michael was kind enough to answer several of mine before I made my first purchase.


My heartfelt thanks go to Michael for crafting such wonderfully beautiful and expressive flutes.


" This is to let you know Michael Fuger's Flutes are very best made. He is a man of integrity, honest and reliable. His flutes are magnificent, has a beautiful sound for Native American Flute should sound. His wood work and decorations are great, I have his Even Windy 180601-6 flute in the key of G. which is just gorgeous sounds", Alexander Nadesan, Bemidji, MN.


Jan 21, 2019 Email From Jeff

Hello Michael,

 All of the flutes are very nice. One of the things I love about the Native American style flute is how different each flute can be. Two flutes of the same key made from the same wood by the same flutemaker can have a different sound. That’s actually a good thing. Your F# walnut flute which I purchased from Erik and the F# walnut flute I purchased directly from you each have their own voice. Again, that’s a very good thing. I like both equally, but I do tend to gravitate towards the sound of the first. The E flute has a similar lovely voice. The D flute is a bit trickier as it tends to kick into the upper octave unless I concentrate on my breath control, but that’s more me than the flute. I love the sound of all of them. I also am very much enamored with the F# 432hz flute’s visual appearance. The texture carved bore is very cool. Your craftsmanship on every flute is excellent. I will be proud to display all of these flutes when not playing them. They are all beautiful. I’m very happy with the flutes.

 I admire your skill as a flutemaker very much. I am not a flutemaker, but I have made a few flutes, so I know what a gigantic amount of time, tools and effort go into the making of a quality flute. A few years ago, after much research, I built 5 passable flutes. I eventually gave away 4 of them. I have attached a photo of the one I still have. I gave up building flutes because I knew I would have to make a considerable investment in tools and time in order to make a really good flute.

 Your shop is magnificent. Your YouTube video shop tour was very fun to watch. Your shop (especially your custom bore drilling rig) is something you should be very proud of.

 Thanks again Michael.




Jan. 2019 Susan - Michigan

I absolutely love my flute, thank you! It's as beautiful as it looked in the photo, and such really lovely attention to detail, throughout. It's got a great feel to it. And the sound is incredible-it's the first time I've played one, but even so the tone is just really resonant, soulful and pure.


April 2020 Charles - Arkansas

I bought a G flute from Seven Winds Flutes and it is everything I was looking for. It has a beautiful voice for the entire range and is in tune even the high A and Bb are easy to play. It is a fine instrument.


In Accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act

SevenWinds Flutes (though similar in style) are not Native American Flutes. SevenWinds Flutes are created as North American wooden flutes, and highly influenced by a great respect for the traditional Native way taught by my Native American brothers in whose teachings I am honored to receive; and blessed by Creator to offer the wonderful gift of the flute to all. Only truth can reveal honor and respect.

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