Native American flute, Alto Cherry  Key D#5

Native American flute, Alto Cherry Key D#5

SKU: D#5 201209-3

Made of cherry with s vherry bird. Cherry is a hardwood, however the voice is a bit softer than rosewood. A fun, high toned flute with a clear sweet voice.


  • Length 15"
  • Bore dia. 5/8
  • L/B Ratio = 14.4
  • High gloss French polish finish.
  • Decorative patterned flute sock included.

    Note: If you are interested in this flute and  would like to hear it before purchasing, select the video icon under the products photo. If there is no video icon, go to the contact page and request a mp3 audio file. All flutes ship by USPS insured priority mail. Normal delivery 2-3 working days. It may take a day or two more because of Covid virus.