Native American drone flute KeyF#

Native American drone flute KeyF#

SKU: F#210304-1

This drone flute is crafted from aromatic cedar and yellow heart. It has low back pressre and a soft sweet voice.

It is a light weight flute even though it has two bores. The over/under configuration provides a more comfortable balance while playing the flute.


There is a small drain plug under the drone side blow hole to facilitate moisture removal. Just remove the plug and the bird. Hold your thumb over the slow air chamber exit hole and blow briskly into the left blow hole. This should blow out any excess moisture. 


  • Length is 22"
  • Bore diameter is 0.875"
  • L/B ratio is 17.6
  • High gloss french polish finish

    Note: If you are interested in this flute and  would like to hear it before purchasing, select the video icon under the products photo. If there is no video icon, go to the contact page and request a mp3 audio file. All flutes ship by USPS insured priority mail. Normal delivery 2-3 working days. It may take a day or two more because of Covid virus.