Woodpecker NAF Key Em 220520-1

Woodpecker NAF Key Em 220520-1

SKU: E220520-1

Native American style flute made of white cedar (Port Orford cedar). This flute is a labor of love and I don't make many with this amount of detail.  The two woodpeckers were deliberately directed. The one on the foot end sends woodpecker energy (medicine) towards the audience and the one on the block faces the player to send its energy to the player.


It was created to honor the woodpecker which is represented in many Native American stories about the first flute which received its holes from the woodpecker. The woodpecker has rhythm in its search for food and teaches us to maintain rhythm in our own lives.


  • Length 27"
  • Bore Dia. 1"
  • L/B Ratio = 18.0
  • High gloss French polish finish
  • Comes with decorative patterned flute sock.

    Native American flutes

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