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Redwood Dragonfly NAF flute  Key G

Redwood Dragonfly NAF flute Key G

SKU: G221107-2

D#m4 (E flat) redwood Native American style flute made of redwood. The redwood comes from a friend in California who rescued a large tabletop on the Pacific coast. The grain in this flute is spectacular which leads me to believe it is from an old growth redwood burl.


One downside to this flute is the dragonfly is fragile. Handle with care.


The dragonfly block is fabricated with yellow heart wings and walnut body. The dragonfly, born of the water and lives to fly in the air makes it a spiritual symbol.

  • Clean mellow voice
  • Length 20.5"
  • Bore dia. 0.875"
  • L/B Ratio = 16
  • High gloss French polish finish
  • Comes with decorative patterened flute sock.
  • Flute ships insured USPS priority mail

    Native American flutes

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