Cypress NAF Key Cm C190704-1

Cypress NAF Key Cm C190704-1

SKU: C190704-1

Made of cyprss with hand carved bear bird. Crushed pipe stone inlay and arrowhead at foot and head. Laser engraved grizzly bear on the foot end with bear tracks spiraling towards the tote. This flute is for an experienced player because of the size and the high length/bore ration. It can be played with tuning at 440hz or 432hz by rotating the bear totem 180 degrees. When the totem bear is facing the player it is tuned at 432hz and when it is facing the audience it is tuned at 440hz.


  • Length 30"
  • Bore dia. 1"
  • L/B Ratio = 22.6
  • High gloss French polish finish
  • Native patterned flute sock is included.

    Native American flutes

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