NAF Cedar flute Key Am A210505-5

NAF Cedar flute Key Am A210505-5

SKU: A210505-5

Crafted from aromatic cedar. This flute has low back pressure making it a good choice if the player has some breathing difficulties. The slow air chamber is 25% longer than most of my "A" flutes which smoothes out the air flow to the true sound hole. Its voice is clean, clear and resonant.  An excellent first flute for new players or an excellent flute for the experienced player.

  • Length 20.75"
  • Bore 3/4"
  • L/B Ratio = 17.5
  • This flute is capable of playing an accurate chromatic scale with cross fingering.
  • High gloss French polish finish feels great in your hand.
  • Decorative Native pattern flute sock is included







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