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Cedar Dragonfly flute  Key Eb

Cedar Dragonfly flute Key Eb

SKU: D#220602-2

D#m4 (E flat) Native American style flute made of cedar.  The beautiful blend of sap wood with the darker cedar color makes this flute a gorgeous show stopper. The block is fabricated from a dead tree limb where we live and the dragonfly comes from a memory of a dragonfly seen while walking on our property. The purple stripes and black tips caught my eye. The dragonfly, born of the water and lives to fly in the air makes it a spiritual symbol.


Due to the length and hole distance between H2 and H3 this flute is for a player that feels comfortable playing lower flutes, like F or E.


  • Clean crisp voice with slightly lower backpressure
  • Length 26" Bore dia. 1"
  • L/B Ratio = 18.5
  • High gloss French polish finish
  • Comes with decorative patterened flute sock.

    Native American flutes

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