Dm4 Flutes - The low tone of the D flute makes it attractive to many people. The larger the flute, the more breath control is required. Also the distance between the holes begins to increase making it difficult for some people to play.The larger flutes actually require less breath pressure and considerably more breath control. Also they can be a real challenge for small hands and/or short arms. I have had several women purchase D flutes, only to return them for E.

In Accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act

SevenWinds Flutes (though similar in style) are not Native American Flutes. SevenWinds Flutes are created as North American wooden flutes, and highly influenced by a great respect for the traditional Native way taught by my Native American brothers in whose teachings I am honored to receive; and blessed by Creator to offer the wonderful gift of the flute to all. Only truth can reveal honor and respect.

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