432hz Flutes - This page has flutes in various keys which were all tuned with A=432hz instead of 440hz. The debate of 432 v.s. 440 is ongoing and goes beyond the concept of this page. You may want to google it or check out the comparison audios on youtube. It is my opinion that flutes tuned at 432hz speak to the Spirit, the soul, and Gaia.

A 432hz flute can be played in duet with background music or with another flute tuned at 440hz, however I find it a challenge because I am always increasing breath pressure to match the other flute or music. So, I use my 432 flutes when I want to communicate with the Spirit of the world around me and offer prayer.

It is my opinion the 432hz flute is good for healing, meditation and prayer. Only you can decide what works for you.

In Accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act

SevenWinds Flutes (though similar in style) are not Native American Flutes. SevenWinds Flutes are created as North American wooden flutes, and highly influenced by a great respect for the traditional Native way taught by my Native American brothers in whose teachings I am honored to receive; and blessed by Creator to offer the wonderful gift of the flute to all. Only truth can reveal honor and respect.

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